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LandGlass Glass Tempering Machine in Cambodia

Source: LandGlass  Attention: 1250  Published: 2018-12-12

The HSH company is a large one-stop integrated glass processing company, specializing in manufacturing and marketing as well as services. It has a comparatively huge influence in the domestic market of Cambodia. A few years ago, with precise and meticulous selection, the company purchased LandGlass tempered glass machine. This glass tempering furnace employs our JetConvection Plus technology and advanced convectional circulating system to heat up the glass rapidly and uniformly, and to effectively control various glass defects such as white haze, hot spots, etc. and shorten the heating time and elevate the heating efficiency, ensuring excellent tempering effects. High-quality products are the cornerstone for the development of any company. After a few years of solid and down-to-earth development, the company’s products have received widespread recognition in the market and they have also been used extensively in numerous iconic buildings.

LandGlass Glass Tempering Machine in Cambodia   LandGlass Glass Tempering Machine in Cambodia