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  • 2015-03-02Instructions for operating loading Table Foot Switch

    The loading table of LandGlass tempering furnace is equipped with a machinery foot switch, which serves as an adjusting micro-inching unit during placement of the glass in the furnace. The following instructions should be followed for handling the sw

  • 2014-10-20Solutions to Spontaneous Explosion of Tempered Glass

    Spontaneous explosion tends to occur to tempered glass and the following reasons account for it: 1. There are nickel sulfide particles in the glass sheets; Solution: check the quality of the glass sheet to see if there are stone like impurities,

  • 2014-09-29How to Deal With the Automatic Restoration of HMI Default Values

    At the running state of PLC, the automatic restoration of HMI default values occurs in the following cases:1. When the communication cable of the electric control cabinet is interfered by the external interference source;

  • 2014-08-17Conversion Procedure between Flat & Bent Tempering

    Regarding LandGlass flat&bent bi-directional glass tempering furnace, following steps should be concerned for the conversion procedure between flat & bent tempering.

  • 2014-07-23Solutions to Spontaneous Explosion of Tempered Glass

    Most of the spontaneous breaking of the tempered glass happens due to the nickel sulfide stones in the glass sheet. Through homogeneity treatment of the tempered glass

  • 2014-06-18Why Spontaneous Explosion Occurs to Tempered Glass

    Spontaneous explosion is one of the features of tempered glass. Usually it occurs during tempering, storage or using without being exerted any mechanical external force. But how this happens and how to prevent it?

  • 2014-05-06Stress Mark on Tempered Glass

    Stress marks may be seen on the tempered glass, which are usually due to the reflection under the polarized light, such as sunlight or other forms of reflected light.

  • 2014-04-21Factors of Hot Spots on Tempered Glass

    The hot spots appear due to many factors among which the major factors are listed below for reference:1. The dampproof powder sticks to the glass when it is damped or there are sundries on the surface of the glass