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Group News

LandGlass at GLASSTEC 2018 Ended on a Perfect Note

Source: LandGlass  Attention: 519  Published: 2018-10-30

GlassTec 2018

Glasstec 2018 ended on a perfect note in Düsseldorf, Germany on October 26, 2018. At this year’s exhibition, LandGlass’s booth attracted a large number of customers over to negotiate and inquire, and the sheer volume of transactions broke yet another record!

Glass tempering furnace

Vacuum Glass

As a pioneer in the glass processing industry, LandGlass had always impressed customers with its leading technology, stable performance, and excellent quality. LandGlass's established reputation in the international and domestic markets drove numerous inquiries and cooperation intentions from customers for the glass tempering furnaces displayed at this year’s exhibition. LandGlass’s most prominent products, such as the Cyclone Glass Tempering Furnace and C+ ConebendTM Glass Tempering Machine series reaped a double harvest in endorsement and sales orders.

Vacuum Insulated Glass

Glass Tempering Machine

As a practitioner of green, energy-saving, and quality living, LandGlass's fully tempered vacuum insulated glass LandVac® and its LandVac® Window & Door system generated enormous interest from European customers who were widely known for their eco-friendly, green, and high quality of living. After personally experiencing the excellent thermal insulation, noise reduction, and safety performance of LandVac® and its LandVac® Window & Door system, many of the European customers, in addition to expressing their amazement also proposed their clear intention to purchase and cooperate.

tempered glass making machine

The four-day exhibition flew by so quickly. A large number of new and old customers visited LandGlass’s booth, letting us experience the joy of meeting with old friends and the pleasure of talking with new friends. In the future, LandGlass will continue on with its unrelenting commitment to R & D, continuous exploration of new products, contribution to customer’s success, and at the same time, endeavor to create a new future for the glass processing industry.