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Group News

LandGlass, from “Made in China” to “Created in China”------Postscript after Participation in China Glass 2019

Source: LandGlass  Attention: 435  Published: 2019-06-04

The 30th China International Glass Industrial Technical Exhibition (China Glass 2019) was rounded off on May 25. At this expo, with its intelligent glass tempering furnaces, intelligent glass processing line, and tempered vacuum insulated glass as the core leading products, LandGlass attracted a large number of new and existing customers to come for consultation and information exchange. 

China Glass 2019

As the industry leading intelligent glass tempering furnace manufacturing enterprise, LandGlass combining years of experiences with newly developed innovative technologies, launched at this exhibition the new generation UltraJetTM series glass tempering furnace and upgraded CycloneTM series glass tempering furnace, taking the quality of curtain wall to a new level with great mirror-like effect. They have attracted many customers to negotiate. The R&D achievement of LandGlass is not limited to the newly introduced glass tempering furnaces, it is also reflected in the 3800mm ultra-long semi-cylindrical tempered glass, wave bent tempered glass, fire-proof tempered glass, and other highly sophisticated quality products on display, allowing every visitor to experience the new height of LandGlass’ competence in equipment R&D and debugging.

Semi-cylindrical glass    LandGlassWave bent glass

LandGlass    LandVac

In addition to the intelligent glass tempering furnace, the intelligent glass processing program developed by LandGlass has successfully realized lean and efficient smart manufacturing and management through IoT and big data processing technology, turning the concept of smart factory into reality.

glass tempering furnace    tempered vacuum insulated glass

Customers of LandGlass    LandGlass glass tempering furnace

Super quiet and extreme thermal insulation are the general evaluation on LandGlass’ tempered vacuum insulated glass - LandVac®. Currently, LandVac® has passed ISO9001 certification, Industrial Vacuum Glass Production recognition, SGCC safety certification, RoHS lead-free certification since its initial introduction to the market. It has also been selected in the “Catalog of the Recommended Products for Passive Low-energy Buildings” of MOHURD. The excellent performance of LandVac Vacuum glass has been widely confirmed in many fields such as energy saving buildings, smart home, transportation, national defense and military, etc.

LandGlass at Beijing China Glass    LandVac at China Glass 2019

Tempered vacuum glass    safety vacuum insulated glass

To better showcase the outstanding performance of LandVac® to customers around the world, LandGlass placed a demo room made of LandVac® at the booth. In the noisy environment of the exhibition hall, the LandVac showroom allowed every visitor to enjoy the zero distance experience of the super quiet effect of LandVac®.

vacuum glass    vacuum insulated glass room

During the 4-day event, the two major business sectors of LandGlass, high-end machinery manufacturing and new energy-saving materials attracted thousands of customers from dozens of countries and regions to consult and negotiate. The on-site turnover hit a record high! Up to this year, LandGlass has participated in China Glass expo for 20 consecutive years. During these 20 years, we have exchanged experiences with many professionals in glass processing industry, discussed the prospects and development trends of the industry, and provided the industry with a series of technologies and equipment that would be recorded in the history of the glass industry. In the future, LandGlass will continue to uphold the principles of science and technology, innovation, and quality life, promote the successful transformation from “Made in China” to “Created in China”. While leading the advancement of industrial technologies, we will assist the glass processing enterprises in the industry worldwide to surpass themselves!

LandGlass at China Glass 2019