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Source: LandGlass  Attention: 433  Published: 2018-02-09
Unveil LandGlass’ “Go West” Exploration along the “Belt and Road”

As a national strategy promoted at the highest level, Chinese “One Belt, One Road” initiative has great and far-reaching strategic significance for the country’s modernization and establishment of its leading standing in the world. While LandGlass is one of the industrial leaders in glass processing field in China, it has launched its own “Go West” journey for long, taking its glass tempering furnaces to the regions and countries along the land-based Silk Road. 

Earlier, we started the trip along the land-based Silk Road with you from Xi’an to the west, exploring the unique power of LandGlass’ glass tempering machine. Now, let’s follow LandGlass’ footprints, going west further beyond the border to continue our re-walk journey. 

(I) Turkmenistan 

Located in Central Asia, Turkmenistan is an important country on land-based Silk Road with rich natural resources such as oil and natural gas. ANYK TEKLIP is a large glass processing company in Turkmenistan offering a full range of services from manufacturing, sales, to service support.

In ANYK TEKLIP’s facility, a LD-AC F&B Bi-directional glass tempering furnace made by LandGlass is running day and night. The furnace adopts longitudinal bending structure (i.e. Glass is bent in the same direction as its movement) in C-bent quenching section and flexible shaft with wheel-sets that accommodates both rigid and flexible needs of the drive rollers. Combined with diversified processing solutions, it can manufacture high-quality curved tempered glass for large-scale architectural curtain wall, sky dome, showcases, household appliance and decorations, as well as customized works.

This company has undertaken various projects in Turkmenistan. Its high-quality glass products play a key role in the development of local glass processing industry.

Company: ANYK TEKLIP      Machine : LD-AC glass tempering furnace


We now continue our journey to West Asia. Iran is one of the major economies in West Asia and an important country on the land-based Silk Road. TJK is a well-known industrial enterprise in Iran. The company is equipped with a LD-AB F&B Bi-directional glass tempering furnace made by LandGlass. With flat and bent tempering sections located on each side of the heating chamber, by loading glass from different directions, the tempering line can fulfill the needs of both flat and B-bent tempered glass. The B-bent section employs transverse bending process on hard shaft forming rollers with its bending mechanism composed of multiple bending devices for high-precision bending. While one furnace serves two types of products, it not only outputs top quality glass, but also effectively keeps the cost down.

Glass used on many local landmarks, such as Commercial Complex Vylazh Tourists business park, Tehran Third Park, Kish International Airport, and Atlantic Commercial Property are manufactured by this LD- AB F&B Bi-directional glass tempering furnace. 

Company : TJK                                 Machine:  LD-AB glass tempering furnace


Further west after leaving West Asia, the trip takes us to another Continent - Europe. Spain, located in Southwestern Europe near the border between Europe and Africa, is the fifth largest economy in Eurozone. You will find the presence of LandGlass equipment there too.  ASTIGLASS is one of the loyal customers of LandGlass’ Cyclone series glass tempering furnaces. 

ASTIGLASS is a notable company in Spanish glass processing industry. Edificio Marbella Plaza, Royalton White Sands Resort, and Roble Corporate Center are among those well-known projects they undertook. Walking into the company’s clean, spacious workshop, the Cyclone series glass tempering furnace will catch your eyes right away. This equipment features a revolutionary arc-shaped structure, and the new generation CycloneTM Convection heating system. Through the optimized design for the convection fans and enclosure, it offers better matched parameters and unprecedented uniformity of convection air pressure for improved even distribution of heat over glass. In the meantime, GeniusCoolTM tempering technology, high intelligent adaptive control, comprehensive data analysis, and a series of leading technologies incorporated in the system ensure the quality of the tempered glass and effective implementation of smart control over the equipment while fulfilling customers’ expectation on quality, cost, and intelligent operation.

Company : ASTIGLASS                                       Machine: Cyclone® glass tempering furnace 

(IV) Italy   

We then left Spain for our next stop - Italy, known as the cradle of European culture and civilizations. It is the end of the ancient Silk Road and where the land route and marine route of the modern Silk Road intersect. Thanks to its long tradition and advantageous geographical location, Italy has been in the leading position in the field of art and fashion. Moreover, as the center of Italy’s economics and industries, as well as the capital of the world’s fashion industry, Milan gathers a tremendous number of luxury brands.

ASCOLESE ITALY is a company headquartered in Milan, supplying glass for luxury product showcases. The company purchased a LD-AB F&B Bi-directional glass tempering furnace from LandGlass two years ago. Speaking of the reasons for choosing LandGlass equipment, Mr. Stefano, the head of the company said, “Our company was founded in 1982. After years of development, we have achieved good results. In 2016, we felt it was time to step forward. We want to stand out from the crowd. After careful review, we decided to choose LandGlass, because of the innovative technologies it has, such as its unique bending and tempering process. It turns out to be a wise decision. The successful operation of this equipment has ensured our rapid business expansion.  LandGlass is our best business partner.” 

Company : ASCOLESE ITALY                                 Machine: LD-AB glass tempering furnace

To explore the “Scenic Sites of LandGlass” along the route of “One Belt, One Road”, we started the trip together in Xi’an. We headed west from Asia to Europe and from inland to the coast, appreciating the spectacular of “One Belt One Road - Let heavy machinery lead the way” approach. 

We have reasons to believe that the rapid development along the Silk Road will be the new normal to drive the future of Chinese industries. LandGlass will seize this opportunity and prosper together with our customers by rendering state-of-the-art technologies, advanced processes, outstanding product quality, and comprehensive service support to them.