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Industry News

Aalborg University of Denmark is Developing New “Self-healing Glass”

Source: LandGlass  Attention: 248  Published: 2020-01-12

Recently, the scientists at Aalborg University in Denmark released a research paper, announcing a major breakthrough in the development of “self-healing glass”. The new glass holds self-healing and intense crack resistant properties, demonstrating great potential in improving glass flexibility.

According to the research paper, oxide glass is one of the most important engineering and functional materials due to its unique features and tailorable physical properties. However, its intrinsic brittleness has been their main drawback, which severely restricts its applications in many areas. “Most of us have probably experienced a stone hitting the car windshield. What starts out looking like a small chip can eventually develop into a slowly growing crack.” said Kacper Januchta, the first author of the study and a PHD student from Aalborg University.  Unlike the existing ordinary glass, water has a positive effect on the crack resistance of this new glass. Rather than growing and spreading, cracks actually become smaller over time.