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Industry News

New High Transmittance Glass Blocks 90% of IR

Source: LandGlass  Attention: 326  Published: 2017-11-27

A new type of high transmittance and high thermal insulation float glass with independent intellectual property rights has been developed successfully recently, setting new world record in energy-saving index. The product has passed the technical appraisal review conducted by China Building Material Federation of the Ministry of Housing and Urban-Rural Development. 

By blending compound oxide in glass during melting, the new float glass achieves high transmittance and high thermal insulation with a unique glass body additive formula and process. A 6mm thick glass emitting soft blue glow offers 70% of optical transmittance while blocking 90% of IR under strong sunlight, without any coating film or shield.

Compared with similar products in U.S., the creative technology does not require new production lines.  As the new float glass can be manufactured simply by adding compound oxide in traditional glass kilns, this innovation greatly lowers the production cost and is a major breakthrough in glass processing industry.