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Industry News

North American tempered glass market is expected to expand by 5.5%

Source: LandGlass  Attention: 358  Published: 2019-01-12

Rising environmental concerns regarding waste management along with recyclability of glass promoting its use in construction and automotive industries will promote North America flat glass market growth. The product is manufactured in flat form without any methodology used in the production process. Growing green building concept along with increased product usage in cabinet closure, furniture, solar cells and table tops will enhance product demand.

Flourishing construction industry owing to increasing investments and rising construction & renovation expenditure is likely to drive North America flat glass market. Increased product usage in automotive windshields, side and rear windows for aesthetic look and appearance along with effective insulation for pleasurable driving may drive regional industry growth.

LandGlass, as a hi-tech enterprise specialized in the designing, manufacturing of glass tempering furnaces, its Jet convection glass tempering machine has been always providing high-end tempered glass for its customers all around the world. North America is a significant market for LandGlass and LandGlass will continue to work hard to meet all the requirements of its customer there.