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Industry News

Vesuvius introduces new rolls used in glass tempering furnace

Source: LandGlass  Attention: 279  Published: 2018-12-24
Vesuvius is a world’s renowned glass tempering roll manufacturer in France.  In 2008, it pioneered the all mechanical endcap, using no glue or resins to connect the ceramic to the endcaps. The product, also known as Smartly Driven endcaps, can withstand the high temperatures required to produce tempered, low-e glass.
Recently, Vesuvius launched the latest glass tempering rolls - Smartly Driven Plus Rolls. The product brings greater accuracy, tighter tolerances, and is much stronger and lighter than the existing products.
LandGlass has been maintaining a great collaborative relationship with Vesuvius. It is expected that the LandGlass’ glass tempering furnace equipped with the latest Vesuvius ceramic rollers will further improve the performance and benefit customers in the near future.