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Automotive Windshield Glass Bending and Tempering Furnace

LD-EV Double Curvature Glass Bending and Tempering Furnace (Windshield Glass)

Automotive Windshield
convection heating
on-line and off-line Low-e (E=0.02) glass, ultra-clear glass, screen-printed glass, pattern glass, tinted glass, clear glass etc.
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  1. Product Introduction
  2. Technical Features
  3. Technical Parameters
  4. Customer Case
  • Adopting the latest vacuum thermoforming technology, ideal for mass production of windshield.

    Optional smart control solutions are available for comprehensive, flexible, and powerful equipment management. High quality and lean production of tempered glass can be achieved based on state-of-the-art technologies.

  • Servo driving – fully adopting servo driving system in bending section for high location accuracy;

    Mold heating – compensating heat loss in thin glass bending;

    Vacuum suction –  creating close contact between mold and glass for precision shaping with vacuum suction;

    Custom chiller – customized chiller in conformity with the shape of the glass to ensure the uniformity of tempering stress; 
    Air cushioned unloading – avoiding damage to glass, improving glass surface quality;
    Dual-mold trolley – less processing time for higher output;
    Lowered roller table – allowing steady running of bending roller.

  • E1610/3V
    Max. Dimension
    ARC1600 * ARC1000
    ARC1600 *ARC 1000
    Min. Dimension
    ARC400 * ARC500
    ARC400 * ARC500
    Glass Thickness
     2.0-2.5 hot bending/2-3 semi-tempered/3.2-6 fully tempered
    2.0-2.5 hot bending/2-3 semi-tempered/3.2-6 fully tempered
    Max. Height of curvature
    120 120
    Installed Capacity
    Note: Actual productivity may vary depending on the glass types and process requirements.
  • Company Name BSG Auto Glass Co., Ltd.
    Company Location Dafeng City, Jiangsu Province
    Introduction Specialized in automobile glass manufacturing, BSG Auto Glass Co., Ltd is one of the major industrial projects in Yancheng City. The company is equipped with several state-of-the-art production lines for upscale automobile glass, primarily developing, making, and selling high performance, sound and thermal insulating glasses for luxury vehicles.
    Equipment Type LD-E1610
    Main products Various types of laminated windshield glasses, side window glasses for luxury cars, buses, trucks, and recreational vehicles.