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What is the production process of the LandGlass C-bent glass tempering furnace?

Source: LandGlass  Attention: 309  Published: 2018-10-22

During the remaining 5 seconds of heating for the glass in the glass tempering furnace, the rear door of the furnace will open in order that the glass can be discharged from the heating section in time. after the rear end of the glass leaves the furnace, the bending mechanism will begin to work. During the process whereby the glass is discharged from the furnace, it will constantly move forward. When it reaches the last roller of the chiller, it will start to move backwards. During the process in which the glass is moving, the lower chiller of the C-bent section will continuously bend until the perfect bending is completed. 

After that, The shutter will open to allow for blowing and cooling until the glass completes the tempering and cooling processes. And then the bending section shutter will close and the air release valve will open and the lower chiller of the bending section of the glass tempering furnace will be flattened.

After the cooling process ends, the glass will be transported to the unloading table from the bending section. The upper chiller will remain as it is during the entire blowing process. The blower frequency of the glass tempering furnace will be lowered to idle state. The above cycle will be repeated.