When processing bent tempered glass, what may cause the curvature of the bent glass to be inaccurate?
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1. The bending mechanism of the curved chiller is not adjusted properly, resulting in inaccurate curvature. At this point, we should re-adjust the bending mechanism of the curved chiller according to the standard bending templates to meet the curvature requirements.

2. If the temperature of the glass is too low when departing from heating chamber of the glass tempering furnace, it will cause inaccurate curvature of the bent glass during quenching process. In this case, we should modify the tempering process parameters to extend the heating time in the furnace chamber appropriately or increase the temperature of the furnace to ensure the glass to reach the required temperature when it comes out from heating chamber of the glass tempering machine.

3. The failure of the furnace heating elements or thermocouple will affect the control of the furnace temperature, leading to uneven heat absorption in the glass while in the furnace. This results in an uneven temperature distribution in the glass when it exits the furnace, causing inaccuracy of bent glass curvature. In this case, please check whether the furnace heating elements and thermocouples are working properly. Replace any damaged components.

4. The valve in the air duct of  the glass tempering furnace is sealed improperly, resulting in air leakage and low air pressure in the bending chiller, which in turn causes inaccurate curvature of the tempered bent glass during the quenching process. In this case, use a lighter to check for air leakage around the valve and seal it properly.

5. Excessive errors in the flatness of the upper pressure rollers in the bending section can lead to inaccuracies in the curvature.

6. Blockages in the air nozzle of the chiller in the bending section can cause uneven blowing, which in turn affects the curvature of the glass.