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Architecture & Furniture

LandVac is thin, lightweight, and safe. The remarkable performance in thermal and sound insulation makes it a perfect fit for green buildings and quality living environment.  

Applications: Doors, windows, curtain walls, and skylights for upscale commercial and residential buildings, public facilities, and landmark structures, as well as for noiseless doors and windows.


The distinguishing traits of LandVac in thermal insulation and optical transparency are just right for precision agriculture.


In addition to the excellent thermal insulation, soundproofing and condensation-free features of LandVac, its optical transparency performance makes LandVac the best choice for automobile windows.

Applications: Suitable as flat window materials for automobiles, high-speed rail, aircraft, and vessels.

Home Appliances

The advantages LandVac has in energy savings, weight, thickness, safety, and condensation-free will help home appliances to upgrade.

Applications: Ideal for freezers, wine cabinets, and display cases.

Scientific Research

Seven major properties of LandVac, including thermal insulation, noise reduction, and resistance to condensation, can fulfill the ultimate demands for equipment and material performance in various science and technology research areas, and accelerates the evolution of these fields.


LandVac’s performance in thermal insulation and sloped installation makes it a perfect candidate as the lining glass in solar power generation applications. 

Applications: Solar photovoltaic buildings.

Architecture & Furniture Architecture & Furniture
Architecture & Furniture
Agriculture Agriculture
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Home Appliances Home Appliances
Home Appliances
Scientific Research Scientific Research
Scientific Research
Green and Energy Efficient

U-value as low as 0.4W/(m2·K). A 8.3 mm thick LandVac has better thermal insulation effect than the 1.5m thick brick wall.

Thanks to the high vacuum chamber of LandVac, which effectively blocks the thermal transmission, the thermal insulation performance of LandVac is 2-4 times better than insulated glass and 6-10 times better than single pane glass. The properties of this product meet all international thermal transmittance requirements on windows and doors for passive houses.

Noise Reduction

With its weighted sound reduction index exceeding 39dB, LandVac makes rooms in downtown quiet like a library.

Thanks to the high vacuum chamber of LandVac , which effectively blocks the sound transmission, the sound insulation performance is far better than insulated glass. It has remarkable acoustic properties against high penetrative medium and low frequency noises such as traffic and construction noises. 


Surface stress and fragmentation test meet tempered glass standards with resistance to wind load up to 7200Pa. 

The edge sealing material has passed the CTI test.  Lead-free and pollution-free. Green and environmental friendly.