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About Us
LandGlass History
Every success is the result of our continuous efforts.
  • LandGlass  in 2022

    In April, the entire LandGlass intelligent machinery manufacturing base in Luolong Science and Technology Park is relocated to a new manufacturing facility on Keji Avenue in Yibin District, covering an area of nearly 100,000 square meters.

    In accordance with modernized factory standards and focusing on intensive organizational manage, stringent product quality management, and digital intelligent production process planning, the new facility, will take LandGalss’ ability in intelligent machinery manufacturing, quality control, and energy efficiency to a new level. It will allow the company to better fulfill the demand of domestic and overseas customers in product customization, providing guarantees for high-quality products and services.

    In August, LandGlass Technology Co., Ltd. was rated as a SRDI (Specialized, Refinement, Differential, Innovation) "little giant" enterprise. Being named the “little giant” enterprise is a sign that LandGlass has reached the leading level in the industry in terms of economic efficiency, specialization, innovation, and management ability. It also represents the national recognition of its achievements in the field of energy-efficient building materials and intelligent manufacturing.

  • 2021

    LandGlass LandTiger Series Smart Factory has become another sub-brand of LandGlass after LandVac. Its five key benefits empower glass processing enterprises to achieve lean and efficient intelligent manufacturing and management; 

    The IriClearTM tempering solution was launched successfully, making the glass tempering machine more intelligent and the optical quality of the tempered glass reaching a new level.

  • 2020

    The first intelligent factory with glass tempering furnace as the core equipment was successfully delivered, 

    marking a new phase in LandGlass’ smart factory project; 

    LandVac won the “China Green Product Certification”, becoming one of the healthy green products strongly recommended by the state; 

    LandVac became the only UL certified tempered vacuum insulated glass product. Its overall safety performance was reaffirmed.

  • 2019

    Launched the all-new UltraJet™ series glass tempering furnaces equipped with six major innovative technologies, fulfilling the diversified demands for flat and curved tempered glass with both quality and capacity guaranteed. The legendary and benchmark product in the intelligent glass tempering field  –Cyclone™ series glass tempering furnace is upgraded with thirteen innovative technologies and nearly a hundred of innovations and creations, fulfilling the ultimate demand for top quality tempered glass! 

    LandGlass integrates decades of their core expertise in the glass processing field with the industry 4.0, and the IoT technology, to provide customers with complete solutions for intelligent processing and smart factory, while helping them realize efficient, intelligent manufacturing and management.  

    LandGlass has passed the National Integration Management System certification of Informationization and Industrialization; 

    LandGlass’ tempered vacuum insulated glass has received 3C certification and green building material certification.