What are the common problems with the lifting section of the heating furnace in glass tempering furnace?
Time:2023-03-27 Hits:1150

The lifting mechanism of the heating furnace in glass tempering furnace is mainly composed of a gear motor, driving shaft, gears, lead screw nut mechanism, and guide pillars. The working principle is to let the gear motor output power and drive the rotation of the driving shaft. It then drives the rotation of the lead screw through the engaged gear mounted on the drive shaft and lead screw. The lead screw is secured on the upper section of the heating furnace while the nut is secured with the lower section of the heating furnace through the guide pillars. The relative rotation between the lead screw and nut drives the upper section to move up or down.

1. When the operator presses the lift button on the furnace control panel if the upper part of the furnace makes no response, we should check whether the control cabinet is powered on or the gear motor controlling the upper part of the furnace is damaged;

2. If the lifting mechanism of the heating furnace makes an abnormal sound when the operator lifts the furnace, it may be caused by the lack of lubrication in its drive section. We can lubricate the gears, bearings, lead screws, and other drive components with grease or lubricant. If it’s caused by a damaged bearing in the drive section, we have to replace the bearing with a new one.