How are the ceramic rollers of the glass tempering furnace installed?
Time:2021-05-24 Hits:1797

1.To install the ceramic rollers of the glass tempering machine, a roller carrier is to be placed near the position where the rollers are going to be installed.

2.Lift one end of the ceramic roller, place it on the roller carrier, and slowly push it into the tempering furnace.

3.Then, install bearings and belt pulleys at the end of the rollers. Lift the ceramic roller from the roller carrier, align the bearings with the bearing holes in the roller seating plate of the glass tempering furnace, and insert it gently.

4.Manually check the rotation of the ceramic rollers to ensure that they can rotate smoothly.

Tighten the screws to secure the roller bearings; pay special attention to the rear bearing of the ceramic roller. Do not allow the top threads getting too close to the bottom of the key groove while ensuring it’s tightly secured in the roller hole.