When making flat tempered glass, what should you do if the flatness of glass at different positions in the tempering furnace varies?
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1.Differences in the wind pressure at different positions of the chiller will cause the tempered glass in the corresponding areas to have different flatness . Take the following measures to tackle the issue:

If the distance between the nozzles at different positions and the surface of the glass varies, check the height of the nozzles to ensure that all nozzles of the tempering chiller have the same distance to the glass.

Some nozzles may be clogged. Check and clean the nozzles to ensure that all the nozzles in the chiller have a smooth airflow.

The air duct that connects the tempering chiller and the air distribution box is bent, causing unstable flow of high-pressure air which affects the consistency of the air pressure in the chiller. The air duct should be properly maintained to ensure a smooth air blowing.

2.Uneven heat distribution in the heating section will also affect the flatness of the tempered glass.

Check whether the current of heating wires in the heating section is normal.

Check whether the heating wires are damaged.

Additionally, it's important to inspect if there is a significant difference in the position and height of the thermocouples.

Check the shielding treatment of the thermocouples.

Check whether the thermocouple of the tempering furnace works properly.

Make sure the the heating elements and the solid-state relays or power control modules for heating control are in good condition.