LandGlass Named 2016 Technology Innovation Model Company of Henan Province
09.12.2016 views:1009

To further advance the establishment of a system of technological innovation in which enterprises play the leading role, the market pointing the way, and enterprises, universities and research institutes working together, the Provincial Industry and Information Technology Committee and Finance Department jointly organized and conducted the recognition of  Technology Innovation Model Companies to receive 2016 award. After careful review by the experts, Luoyang LandGlass Technology Co., Ltd (hereinafter referred to as “LandGlass”) is now named the 2016 Technology Innovation Model Company of Henan Province. It is reported that only three companies in Luoyang City received the honor.


LandGlass has always remained at the forefront of technological innovation and intellectual property rights protection: In addition to the large R&D base and supporting facilities, it has also established a sound research and development system run by a team with talents from various disciplines. As of now, LandGlass has several hundreds patents including dozens of PCT patents. Moreover, the company won the Chinese patent gold medal – an award representing the highest honor to technological innovation achievement in China, for two consecutive years in 2012 and 2013. For the past few years, LandGlass accelerates new product introductions with technology that leads the industry. Following the Cyclone JetConvection glass Tempering Furnace in 2015, LandGlass announced its breakthrough in field of energy saving glass products in 2016: the fully tempered vacuum insulated glass. Featuring exceptional performance in energy efficiency and sound insulation, the product shall drive the development of tempered vacuum insulated glass worldwide and make a substantial contribution to environmental conservation.