LandGlass Makes Breakthrough in Intelligent Manufacturing and Is Beefing up the LandVac Production Capacity
25.05.2018 views:2803

As a national policy, “Made in China 2025” is an initiative to comprehensively upgrade Chinese industry and has drawn international attention to its progress since day one. Recently, at a meeting with a reporter from, Mr. Kang, the Sales Director of LandGlass talked about the achievements of LandGlass in the fields of intelligent manufacturing and green manufacturing, as well as the future development plan of the company. 

In the interview, Mr. Kang said that as a high-tech enterprise specialized in R&D, manufacturing and sales of intelligent glass tempering furnace, intelligent solutions for glass processing, tempered vacuum insulated glass products and equipment, LandGlass Technology Co. Ltd. offers high-end, energy efficient, intelligent, and integrated solutions to glass processing companies around the world.

In the area of intelligent manufacturing, LandGlass has alway kept their products at the leading edge. Through combining the intelligent glass tempering furnace with big data platforms, the company has successfully realized digitized manufacturing, effectively enhanced the productivity and reduced production costs. It helps to add value to customers’ solutions while allowing them to enjoy improved operating experience with the glass tempering furnaces. The true business ambition of LandGlass in the smart manufacturing field certainly goes far beyond that. With its current standings in the intelligent glass tempering furnace manufacturing industry, the company is looking forward to advancing further its intelligent project by integrating IoT, equipment monitoring, big data, leading AI, and smart control technologies, to create individualized smart manufacturing facilities for customers.

As Mr. Kang said, LandGlass is also making progress in green manufacturing field and started mass-production of fully tempered vacuum insulated glass last year. As a fully tempered vacuum insulated product, LandVac employs self-developed low temperature sealing, flexible sealing, and flat sealing technologies, demonstrating industry leading performance in thermal insulation, noise reduction, condensation resistance, safety and security, as well as superiority in product weight and thickness.  Applications of this product can be found in areas such as science research, construction, and home appliances. At present, LandVac has successfully passed the most reputable certification tests in the industry including ISO9001 quality system certification, German ift thermal transmittance test, sound isolation test, U.S. ATI wind resistance test, and ANSI impact resistance test. Furthermore, it has also become the first domestic glass product certified by SGCC of US as safety glass and met all international criteria for doors and windows used in passive buildings. Accompanied by governmental policy support for passive buildings in China and growing trend of passive house in construction industry worldwide, Mr. Kang expects that vacuum insulated glass will play a more and more important role in this development and make its contribution to the global energy conservation and environmental protection.

Before the end of this interview, Mr. Kang once more emphasized that "For your next leap" has always been the philosophy LandGlass adheres to. LandGlass is committed to integrity, quality, continuous innovation, and manufacturing products that will benefit customers all around the world. In the future, having the same concept in mind, LandGlass will continue its endeavor in the development of intelligent glass tempering furnace, intelligent glass processing solutions, and tempered vacuum insulated glass to provide the best products and services to all our customers while making contributions to the overall development of glass processing industry worldwide.