LandVac Factory Hosted a New Year Tea Party for the Spring Festival
24.01.2017 views:2544

LandVac factory hosted a New Year Tea Party for the upcoming Spring Festival on January 22. The key staff and R&D team members of vacuum insulated glass department gathered together, reviewing in a relaxed atmosphere the accomplishments of the factory in 2016 while presenting the annual work plans for 2017. 

Through nearly ten years of continuing endeavor, LandGlass developed the world’s first intelligent continuous production line for fully tempered vacuum insulated glass with independent intellectual property rights. Collaborating with other relevant technology R&D departments, the young and competent team of vacuum insulated glass factory stepped up to the challenge in 2016. By overcoming numerous difficulties and hardships, they successfully achieved the continuous production of the tempered vacuum insulated glass line and put it into full operationThe mass-produced fully tempered vacuum insulated glass products of LandVac® deliver outstanding performance in various technical specifications such as thermal insulation, soundproof, and wind resistance, setting down the new yardstick for energy-saving glass. After two-months of rigorous testing at the world’s renowned ift Rosenheim testing center in Germany, LandVac sustained a constant U-value at 0.4W/(m2·K) . The result has received considerable attention in the industry.

At the New Year Tea Party, R&D Director Li of LandGlass gave a high affirmation to the achievements of vacuum insulated glass factory in 2016 and offered a number of observations and recommendations for their work in 2017. He encouraged the vacuum insulated glass team to continue their unremitting efforts and enhance their contribution to the future development of LandGlass.