LandGlass is Awarded as the National Intellectual Property Advanced Enterprise
27.11.2015 views:2702

Recently, the State Intellectual Property Office has announced the result for “The annual evaluation of national IP demonstration enterprises and advanced enterprises for 2015". By successfully passing the rigorous review process including enterprise application, system screening and experts’ evaluation, LandGlass is awarded as the National Intellectual Property Advanced Enterprise of 2015 and becomes the only enterprise in the City of Luoyang that receives this honor in 2015.

As a high-tech company, LandGlass has been committed to providing integration of energy efficient glass manufacturing equipment and related technology solutions to glass processing industries around the world. As a domestically leading company, LandGlass is a world class enterprise in R&D and manufacturing of glass tempering furnaces. The company supplies ten types of equipment in hundreds of specifications to meet the different needs of flat and curved glass tempering furnaces in architecture and furniture, automobiles, household appliances, and solar energy industries. LandGlass has already sold several hundreds of its jet convection furnaces, combined tempering furnaces, and bi-directional convection glass tempering furnaces to domestic manufacturers while continuingly expanding its international market share in developed countries including U.S., Europe, and Australia.

LandGlass has always attached great importance to R&D of new products and the protection to its intellectual properties, considering IP as the key element to establish its core competitiveness. Through years of efforts, the company has built up a comprehensive IP management system by enhancing all corporate aspects including leadership, organizational structure, management system, and staffing. As of December 31, 2014, the company has 186 patents worldwide, of which 167 are domestically registered. In addition, the company seeks for international patent protection via PCT in dozens of foreign countries including U.S., Europe, and Japan. Among these, 19 patents have been successfully registered in U.S., Germany, and Japan. The patent strategy of LandGlass effectively protects company’s technological innovation by constructing patent matrix that ensures global protection of company's IP achievements. Meanwhile, standing up against patent suppression from international giants, the company protected its legitimate rights by successfully defusing the business risks.

In 2013, LandGlass was awarded as IP advanced enterprise in Henan province. In 2012 and 2013, the company’s patents in "Flat and Curved Combined Tempering Furnace” and “Bi-directional Glass Furnace” won the Chinese Patent Gold Metals in two consecutive years in a row, a reward representing the highest honor for domestic innovative achievements. In recent years, LandGlass has also been honorably named the “Henan’s Top Hundred Enterprise”, “Henan’s Innovative Enterprise”, “Henan’s Famous Trademark”, “Internationally Renowned Trademark in Henan”, and “Postdoctoral R&D base in Henan”. In October of 2015, by receiving the Certificate for successfully passing the Certification of the State Intellectual Property Management System, LandGlass became the second enterprise being so certified in Henan province.

Being the winner of the national IP advanced enterprises award for 2015 is a landmark achievement for LandGlass in its endeavor for IP development. It also indicates that the company’s IP development work has now entered into fast track and will become the powerful driving force for its future innovation and development.