An International Seminar on Glass and Modern Technology was Successfully Held in Russia
18.01.2015 views:1624

Moscow, the capital of Russia, has recently held an international seminar on Glass and Modern Technology with“Competition between Glass Enterprises under Today’s Economic Circumstances” as its theme. Leaders and glass experts from 14 countries and 42 regions of Russia have attended this seminar, and Viktor Ivanovich Osipov, chairman of Steklo Souz, presided over its opening ceremony.

V.I. Osipov said in his speech, “I firmly believe this seminar will be a constructive one at which we will take an important step forward towards solving an actual problem in the world’s glass industry. If we want to improve the status of the glass industry, we have to integrate it with science, engineering technologies and the relevant industries. Otherwise it is all talk.” At the seminar, Peter Simurka elaborated in the reports of the International Commission on Glass the main trends of the global glass industry, and analysed the problems and challenges in this industry.

Some experts and scholars from Russia, Australia, Germany, Italy, Slovakia, Poland, Turkey, Switzerland and other countries also made relevant reports, which involve many fields such as factory designs, glass production and processing equipment, new generation of architectural glass furnaces, application of the efficient energy-saving techniques, broken glass processing technologies, and the application of new materials, fire resistant materials, architectural glass and automotive glass.