Window Film and Coated Glass Committee Holds Standing Committee Meeting in Beijing
25.11.2013 views:1621

September 16 is the second anniversary of the Window Film and Coated Glass Committee. On this memorable day, the committee which is under China Architectural and Industrial Glass Association held a Standing Committee meeting in Beijing, attended by Chairman, vice chairmen, Standing Committee members, and Secretariat staff of the Committee totaling over 30 persons from various places of China who sufficiently expressed their opinions and suggestions.

Zhang Baiheng, Executive Vice President and Secretary General of China Architectural and Industrial Glass Association said: the mature application of window film and coated glass in developed countries has made great contributions to energy-saving and emission reduction. Among these applications, more than 95% are used as automotive film, while application on windows and doors of buildings only accounts for a small proportion. Window film and coated glass are environment-friendly and energy-saving high-tech products. They are suitable for use in various types of newly construed buildings especially in energy saving renovation of windows and doors of existing buildings, and can reduce construction difficulties, save working hours, save energy, and ensure safety.

The meeting focused on solving existing problems in the development of window film and coated glass industry. The members of the Standing Committee brainstormed on the current problems and coping methods, and held high hopes in the industry. Attendees of the meeting believed the industry will have greater development through the unremitting efforts of everyone.