Buildings Covered by 70,000 ㎡ PV Curtain Wall Are About to Complete
14.01.2022 views:1907

Photovoltaic power generation will gradually become the dominant new energy source in the future due to its advantages of less pollution, zero-emission, and is inexhaustible. As competition in the traditional curtain wall industry intensifies in recent years, high-end PV curtain wall has become the direction of transformation in the industry.

The Guangzhou Art Museum project has an overall floor area of approximately 32,600 square meters, with a total construction area of 79,947 square meters. The total investment in this project is 1.82268 billion yuan. The project has a significant role in promoting Guangzhou's new urbanization and the development of Guangzhou's tourism and culture, which are expected to be delivered recently.

LandGlass continuous glass tempering furnace is the ideal solution for this kind of PV curtain wall. And also LandGlass is committed to green manufacturing with less pollution and high energy efficiency.