Classification of monolithic fire-resistant glass
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The monolithic fire-resistant glass commonly seen on the market include borosilicate fire-resistant glass, aluminosilicate fire-resistant glass, microcrystalline fire-resistant glass, monolithic cesium potassium fire-resistant glass, low-e coated fire-resistant glass, etc.

Monolithic fire-resistant glass can be classified into three types:

One type is obtained through physical tempering treatment after ion exchange with high temperature molten metal salt solution. It is commonly known as physically and chemically strengthened glass. One of the main products is the monolithic cesium potassium fire-resistant glass;

Another type is obtained by letting the glass sheet undergo a quick quenching process after being heated up to a high temperature. This is a pure physical approach used for tempered fire-resistant glass;

The third type uses the float glass method to melt and form the fire-resistant glass with modified composition of glass raw materials. The main products include special fire-resistant glass such as the borosilicate fire-resistant glass.