How to adjust the curvature of B-type hard shaft bent glass tempering machine?
Time:2022-04-29 Hits:4250

During glass tempering process, if the curvature needs to be adjusted, the following steps are required:

1.Firstly, make a bending mold for the glass according to the curvature of the bent tempered glass to be processed.

2.Take the mold to the center of the curved section of the chiller and place it on the Kevlar Rope of the chiller roller . Adjust the position of the spline sleeve of the curvature changing mechanism at the end of the curved chiller roller according to the radius of the bent tempered glass to be produced.

3.After the position is adjusted, manually control the chiller to bend down so that the rollers in the bending section are fully aligned with the mold. Write down the computer feedback on the bending height and enter the value in the dialog box of "Bending Height Setting" in the process parameter control page of the control program. The parameter can be called directly in future production.