What items should be included in the daily and weekly inspection of glass tempering machine?
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Daily Inspection should include:

Cleanliness of glass tempering furnace

Whether the pressure and flow rate of the cooling water line in the convection tempering furnace are within normal range

Whether the drive of each part of the tempering machine works properly

Whether the heating temperature of the furnace meet the working requirements

Whether the air compressor pressure is normal and the pneumatic components work properly.

Weekly Inspection should include:

Check whether the oil level of the reducers for each part of the tempering furnace is normal.

Check whether the heat dissipation of motors and the cooling fan of the electrical cabinet work properly

Check whether the photoelectric switches and buttons for each part of the furnace work properly

Check whether the cylinders move smoothly and properly

Check the detection switches (e.g., limit switch) of each part work properly