How to maintain the main drive mechanism of the glass tempering furnace?
Time:2022-12-19 Hits:3902

The main drive mechanism is the core component of the glass tempering furnace. The smooth operation of the main drive mechanism is the fundamental basis for high-quality tempered glass production.

1. The level of the lubricating oil in the main drive reducer should be frequently checked to ensure that it is maintained in the middle of the crankcase oil window.

2. The lubricant oil in the main drive reducer should be replaced once a year. No. 30 or No. 40 oil is recommended.

3. The tension of the main drive chain should be adjusted frequently. To do so: loosen the connection screws between the main drive motor and the base. Rotate the limit screw to push the drive motor to the right place to keep the chain in proper tension. Then, tighten the connection screws loosened previously.

4. The chain of the main drive motor should be lubricated once a week. No. 46 oil is recommended.

5. The tension of the O-rings between the main drive shaft of the furnace and each ceramic roller must be appropriate, and slippage is not allowed.

6. Each ceramic roller in the furnace must not experience jamming or vibration when switching between forward and reverse directions.

7. The roller transmission in the chiller must operate smoothly in both forward and reverse directions during glass blowing or exiting, without any jamming or vibration.