How to clean the ceramic rollers of the glass tempering furnace?
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1. Shut off the glass tempering furnace and allow it to naturally cool down to the ambient temperature. Raise the upper part of the furnace body and insert safety pins into the four corner columns of the heating furnace body.

2. Before cleaning the ceramic rollers, first please remove large debris and then use a vacuum cleaner for a thorough cleaning.

3. With personnel safety ensured, turn the ceramic roller by the handle and clean the ceramic rollers following the steps below:

Scrap off visible raised hard spots on the ceramic rollers with a scraper.

Use 400-grit sandpaper for rough grinding the ceramic roller path, then polish with 800-grit sandpaper.

Polish the surface of the ceramic rollers with 400~600 grit sandpaper.

Remove dust from the ceramic rollers with a wipe cloth or vacuum cleaner.

When wiping the ceramic rollers, damp the wipe cloth with distilled water or anhydrous alcohol. Do not use water or other alkaline cleaners.

Repeat the cleaning process on the ceramic rollers until no dirt is visible.

The operator washes his hands and then touches the cleaned ceramic rollers by hand to check their cleanliness.

If there is still debris on the ceramic roller, repeat the above procedures to polish and wipe the roller until it’s clean.

4. Operators shall not enter the furnace when the safety pins are not inserted into the four corner columns of the heating furnace body.

5. Pay attention to the safety of personnel and equipment when cleaning the ceramic rollers.