Maintaining the Air Compressor for Glass Tempering Furnace
Time:2023-06-20 Hits:1740

In the field of glass tempering process, the air compressor supplying compressed air to the glass tempering furnace is very important. Not only does it provide the necessary power to various components of the glass toughening machine, but it also significantly contributes to maintaining a balance in the furnace temperature. Thus, it's crucial that the air circuit functions optimally, and regular maintenance can help ensure this.

Here are some key considerations for maintaining your air compressor in the glass tempering furnace:

Constant Supervision: During the operation, dedicated maintenance staff should perform regular checks to spot any instances of air or oil leakage, irregular noises, and other abnormalities. Upon detecting any such issues, it's vital to halt the machine promptly for necessary repairs.

Proper Shutdown Practices: After powering down the air compressor, it's crucial to promptly drain any oil and water accumulated in the air storage cylinder. This precaution prevents unwanted substances from infiltrating the air pipeline.

Lubricant Level Checks: Keep a regular check on the oil level of the lubricant in the crankcase of the air compressor. If the oil level drops, replenish it immediately. The recommended oil type for this purpose is the #80-100 lubricating oil.

Air Filter Maintenance: The air filter of the air compressor should be cleaned every 50 hours of operation. If cleaning proves ineffective, replace the filter promptly. For paper-based air filter elements, clean by blowing compressed air from the inside out. For sponge-filled filters, use a detergent for cleaning and then let it air dry.