How does one operate the emergency stop in a glass tempering furnace?
Time:2023-07-19 Hits:1493

The main operating station of the glass tempering furnace and the control boxes for the critical components are each equipped with emergency stop buttons. Should an emergency arise, the operator can instantly halt all driving operations of the glass tempering furnace by pressing these buttons. This action prompts the system to automatically disconnect the main power source and control circuits, simultaneously activating an alarm. This ensures both the safety of the personnel and the glass tempering machine.

Once an emergency stop function is initiated and the corresponding fault has been rectified, the operator needs to reset the system using the reset button, then reset the software by clicking the fault reset pop-up window on the main page of the operating screen on the top right corner. If not, the circuits and the primary power supply of the tempering equipment will remain disconnected.

When the emergency stop function is activated, and the glass lifting table is still in an elevated position, the operators must lower the table via the control program once the fault is rectified. This step is essential to avoid potential damage to the glass and the glass tempering furnace.