What causes the white haze in the center of tempered glass during the glass tempering process?
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White haze can appear in the center of tempered glass during the glass tempering process for several reasons:

If the tempered glass oscillates too quickly inside the glass tempering furnace, white haze may occur. This can be mitigated by adjusting the glass's oscillation speed inside the furnace to a reasonable rate through the proper setting of oscillation parameters.

White haze can also occur if the ceramic rollers in the heating furnace are not synchronized during rotation or exhibit excessive radial runout. In such cases, it is vital to inspect the furnace's drive system and assess the radial runout condition of the ceramic rollers.

If the lower heating temperature in the glass tempering furnace is set too high, it may lead to white haze. Properly adjusting the temperature parameters of the lower heating zone to meet the specific heating needs of the glass is crucial.

White haze can also appear if the thermal balance is opened too slightly in the heating furnace body. To address this, it may be necessary to increase the pressure of the thermal balance or extend its opening time.

If the ceramic rollers in the glass tempering furnace are not correctly adjusted horizontally, white haze can appear. Checking their horizontal condition using a level instrument can help rectify this issue.

 Failure to properly manage these factors can lead to the appearance of white haze during the glass tempering process, which may affect the quality and appearance of the finished product.