How should we address the quality issues with bent tempered glass?
Time:2023-09-19 Hits:1552

1. When bending tempered glass results in misaligned arcs or the diagonals of the bent tempered glass are not on the same plane, first eliminate factors such as mechanical faults and arc adjustment errors in the machine. Next, readjust the bending mechanism, check the arc precision with a template, and finally correct the straightness of the glass positioning baffle.

2. When there are cracks on the curved edge of the bent tempered glass, optimize the process parameters: increase the heating temperature, extend the heating time, reduce the tempering air pressure, appropriately shorten the waiting time before blowing and adjust the bending speed of the chiller.

3. In the continuous production process, when the curvature of the processed bent glass fails to meet the required tolerance level; consider extending the heating time or increasing the heating temperature, and check whether the heating element and thermocouple are working normally, as well as the stability of the bending mechanism.