How should we address the quality issues with bent tempered glass?
Time:2023-09-19 Hits:529

When there are discrepancies in the curvature settings of the bending chillers in the glass tempering furnace, or when the glass deviates during motion, it can cause the bent tempered glass to have inaccurate curvature and its diagonal corners to not lie on the same plane. In such instances, we should adjust the curvature of the bending chiller in the tempering section and correct the location of the positioning baffle in the chiller.

If cracks appear on the curved edge of the bent tempered glass, the air pressure in the bent chiller should be reduced. Additionally, It's also advisable to slightly shorten the waiting time before blowing and reduce the bending speed of the chiller.

During the production process, if the curvature of the bent glass being processed changes, the curvature parameters should be readjusted. It might also be necessary to extend the heating time or raise the furnace temperature of the glass tempering machine, and a check should be conducted to ensure the heating elements and thermocouples are functioning properly.