What should you consider when setting the heating time for a glass tempering furnace?
Time:2023-10-17 Hits:1061

The heating time of the glass tempering furnace should be adjusted according to actual conditions. The size of individual glass sheets and the number of sheets placed in a single furnace cycle can significantly affect the heating duration. Therefore, adjustments should be made based on these factors during operation.

For larger glass panels, the heating time should be relatively extended. When the shape of the glass panel is close to a square, using a low-temperature heating method with prolonged duration is recommended.

It's essential to understand that the glass heat absorption process within the glass tempering furnace starts from the edges of the glass and gradually transfers to the center. If the heating time is set too short, the middle of the glass may not heat adequately. This can result in two possible outcomes: the glass might shatter upon exiting the glass tempering furnace or, after tempering, the glass may take on a spherical shape.