What are the causes and solutions for excessive vibration of the large blower in the glass tempering furnace?
Time:2023-11-16 Hits:749

Vibration can occur when the motor of the tempering blower and the coupling of its reducer are not concentric. In this case, we should check the concentricity of the coupling, and reinstall or replace the coupling.

When the bearings of the blower motor or reducer are damaged, the blower will also vibrate more. Check the bearings of the motor or reducer and replace any that are problematic.

If the blades of the tempering blower are damaged, it can also cause abnormal vibration of the blower. Inspect the blower blades and repair or replace them.

A blower vibration monitoring system can also be installed. This system continuously monitors the operating condition of the blower and promptly suggests reasonable maintenance of the blower to avoid dangerous accidents.