How to resolve fragmentation issues of tempered glass?
Time:2024-01-17 Hits:830

When processing tempered glass, we sometimes encounter problems with the fragments not meeting standards. When this occurs, we need to take the following measures:

1.If the wind pressure during the tempering cooling process is too low, it can lead to oversized fragments of the tempered glass. To solve this problem, we can appropriately increase the wind pressure in the quenching section when setting the tempering parameters. Also, consider moderately reducing the distance between the upper and lower tempering chiller, which can enhance the cooling effect and further reduce the size of the fragments.

2.Another possible cause of non-standard fragments is the glass's low exit temperature from the furnace. In this case, we can modify the tempering parameters to increase the set temperature or extend the heating time of the glass in the heating furnace. This ensures that the glass reaches the appropriate exit temperature and meets the requirements for the number of fragments.

3.To address the issue of tempered glass fragments not meeting standards, we can optimize by adjusting parameters such as tempering wind pressure and exit temperature. Through meticulous adjustments and continuous experimentation, we can find the most suitable parameter settings, achieving the ideal fragments of tempered glass and thereby improving the quality of tempered glass.