What should be noted when heating up a glass tempering furnace?
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During the heating process of a glass tempering furnace, to ensure the furnace structure is not damaged and to maintain production efficiency, special attention should be paid to the following points:

1. When heating up the glass toughening machine for the first time, it is imperative to follow a gradual heating rate of 30 to 50°C per hour. Considering the possibility of residual moisture inside the glass tempering furnace, it is necessary to maintain the temperature at key intervals of 200°C, 300 to 350°C, 400 to 450°C, and 550°C for 2 to 4 hours respectively. The cumulative insulation time should reach 8 to 12 hours to ensure that the furnace structure does not deform due to rapid heating.

2. During the initial heating, when the furnace temperature is below 400°C, to effectively expel moisture from within the furnace, it is recommended to lift the top half of the furnace body up by 30 to 100mm and ensure that the heat dissipation valves of the furnace and the front and rear doors of the tempering furnace are all in the open position.

3. Special requirements for convection glass tempering furnaces: During the heating process of a convection glass tempering machine, it is necessary to ensure the continuous operation of the cooling water pump and the convection blower to ensure an even distribution of temperature inside the furnace and avoid concentration of thermal stress.

4. Temperature maintenance at working temperature: Once the tempering furnace reaches the predetermined working temperature, to stabilize the internal environment of the furnace, it should be maintained at this temperature for at least 1 hour before starting production.

Following these recommendations can ensure the glass tempering machine heats up safely and stably, while also improving production efficiency and product quality.