How to Maintain and Replace the Kevlar rope of the Glass Tempering Furnace?
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1.The chillers of the glass tempering furnace are comprised of the conveyor rollers and the upper and lower chillers. Once the glass shatters within the chiller, it can potentially cut the Kevlar Rope on the rollers, causing the glass to not be smoothly transported to the unloading table. This disruption can hinder the entire glass tempering process.

2. If a break in the Kevlar rope is discovered, immediate replacement should be carried out. After removing the damaged Kevlar rope, thoroughly clean the roller surface of any adhesive substances and residues to ensure the surface of the roller is smooth.

3. When winding the Kevlar rope, it should always be kept tight, straight, and untwisted. The spiral winding should be uniform, with the direction of the twist being opposite to that of the Kevlar rope on the adjacent rollers; apply glue on the inner surface of the Kevlar rope to adhere it to the roller, ensuring that there is no glue on the outer surface of the Kevlar rope, and secure the ends firmly.