What steps should be taken to heat up the glass tempering furnace?
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1. When the glass tempering furnace is heated initially, the temperature should be increased by 30~50°C per hour. Depending on the amount of residual moisture in the oven, the tempering furnace will hold the temperature for 2~4 hours at each of the following temperature ranges: 200°C, 300~350°C, 400~450°C, and 550°C. The cumulative temperature holding time at these temperature ranges should be 8~12 hours to ensure that the structure of the furnace does not deform due to rapid temperature rising;

2. When the temperature of the furnace is lower than 400°C, you may lift the up-section of the furnace body by 30~100mm and keep the cooling valve of the furnace body as well as the front and back doors of the tempering furnace open to discharge the moisture in the oven;

3. Keep the cooling water pump and the blower of the convection glass tempering furnace running when it is heated up;

4. After the furnace temperature reaches the operating temperature, hold the temperature for at least 1 hour before starting production.