What should you do if the glass sheet is stuck to the ceramic rollers during glass tempering process?
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During glass tempering process, in cases the door of the glass tempering furnace is not opened in time and the heating time is too long, or the primary conveyor of the glass tempering machine stops, or other malfunctions occur, the sheet glass in the glass tempering furnace may melt and solidify on the surface of the ceramic rollers. The proper way to tackle the situation is as follows:

1. Turn off the power supply to the heating unit of the tempering furnace and open the ventilation valves of the furnace. Lift up both front and back furnace doors to cool down the furnace.

2. If the glass sticks to most of the rollers, you should stop the main drive of the furnace. In case where glass sticks only to a few rollers, you may remove the drive belt from these rollers to stop them while keeping the remaining rollers operating.

3. Lift the upper part of the furnace after the furnace cools down to room temperature. Insert the safety pins into the lift support.

4. For large pieces of single pane glass stuck to the ceramic rollers, gently lift the glass with wooden sticks to separate them from the rollers and remove the glass from the chamber.

5. If there are multiple layers of glass stacked on the rollers, you will need to take the rollers out. Use wooden sticks to carefully clean off the glass piece by piece until all broken pieces are separated from the rollers.

6. After all the broken glass pieces are cleaned off, polish the ceramic rollers with 300~600 Grit waterproof sandpaper until the roller surface is smooth and free of foreign objects.

7. Do not start the cleaning operation before the ceramic rollers cool down to room temperature. Otherwise, the roller skin may be peeled off together with the broken glass pieces, leaving small pits over the roller and damaging the quality of the roller surface.