Things to know when buying a glass tempering furnace (I)
Time:2021-11-03 Hits:3387

Buying a glass tempering furnace is the largest investment for a glass processing enterprise. It could determine an enterprise's market value, the distribution of customer base, and overall profitability. Being in the glass processing machinery business for over 20 years, LandGlass has seen numerous successful or unsuccessful cases of investment in glass tempering furnaces. This article intends to help those who plan to invest in glass tempering machine to properly evaluate the operating environment and their own situations before making a purchasing decision.

Before you purchase a glass tempering furnace, you’d better have a clear view of the product positioning. 

The customers of the tempered glass market can be divided into Type B customers (who place more regular orders) and Type C customers (mostly are small and irregular orders). Type B customers place engineering orders including glass for doors, windows and curtain walls. These products generally have standard specifications; Type C customers refer to the customers in the home improvement market that can be further divided into customers for high-end system windows and for general household windows. Among them, both Type B curtain wall and Type C system windows have very high requirements on optical quality and glass surface quality. As such, the requirements for machine configurations are also high. Customers should choose the glass tempering furnace with the appropriate configurations according to their product positioning.