What issues you may encounter after the glass enters the glass tempering furnace? How to tackle the issues?
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1.Issues you may encounter:

As the glass temperature is relatively low when it just entered the glass tempering furnace, the temperature of its lower surface will be affected by both the ceramic rollers with which it gets in touch and the bottom heating elements, while the upper surface of the glass is only affected by the upper heating elements of the glass tempering machine. The following result is that the heating speed of the lower surface is greater than that of the upper surface, so that the bottom surface expansion speed is greater than the upper surface, causing a warping deformation of the glass with only its center area still in contact with the rollers;The temperature of the center area in contact with the rollers will rise faster than the edge areas warping up. These suspended edge areas will continue to absorb heat once they come into contact with the rollers again after the glass is completely softened. However, at this time the temperature in the center area of the glass sheet is already much higher than that of its edges, causing deformation and optical distortion due to the excessive heat in the center area of the glass.

2.Adjustment method

-Appropriately increase the rotating speed of the upper convection blower to improve the rate of heat transfer, so that the glass in the glass tempering furnace is flattened quickly.

-Adjust the upper and lower heating temperatures of the tempering furnace, so that the glass in the furnace is flattened quickly.