Be Your Armor and Keep You Safe
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In 2009, a major fire broke out at the 159-meter-high cultural center of CCTV, resulting in a number of casualties and direct economic losses of 160 million yuan; In 2010, a 28-story teachers’ apartment in Jing’an District of Shanghai caught fire, killing 58 people; In 2017, a fire at the 18-floor building in the “Lan She Qian Jiang” apartment complex in Hangzhou caused death of a young mother and three children; In 2018, 20 million pieces of the collections at the National Museum of Brazil were gutted by a great fire, which burned all night destroying 90% of the museum collections. Each of these shocking disasters caused enormous economic and social losses, happy families falling apart, and disastrous consequences to the human civilization……


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With the rapid development of the economy, we see more hazardous factors that may cause fire or spread of fire. As a result, the fire safety requirements on the buildings are getting more stringent, so is the relevant standard. The Code of Design on Building Fire Protection and Prevention of China clearly states that “each apartment of a residential building with a height greater than 54-meter shall have one room with windows that have fire integrity of no less than 1.0h”, and “for buildings with fire-rated glass on the exterior surfaces or between windows of two floors, the fire integrity of the exterior windows in high-rise buildings and multi-story buildings shall be no less than 1.0h and 0.5h, respectively.”


International standard fire curve

The temperature rises very quickly in the event of a fire (to 550℃ in 5 minutes) and can go up to 1000℃.

As the largest part in exterior windows, the fire-proof performance of the glass determines the integrity of the window. For ordinary glass, fire can instantly create an enormous temperature difference between the two sides and produce a strong uneven thermal stress in 1-2 minutes, causing glass to shatter. The needs to tackle the thermal performance of glass and prevent the glass from breaking prematurely in a fire, and improve the softening temperature of the glass lead to the emergence of a brand-new type of glass - fire-proof glass. Fire-proof glass falls into the category of safety glass. It provides a barrier against flame, smoke, and thermal radiation while preventing a fire from spreading. The special glass can maintain the integrity, stability, and transparency in a certain period of time. The demands for ultra-high-strength and stress uniformity intensify the requirements on the glass tempering furnace and production processes. 

At present, there are two institutions in China that render fire glass testing service - the China National Center for Quality Supervision and Test of Fixed Fire-fighting Systems and Fire-resistant Building Components and the National Center for Quality Supervision and Testing of Fire-resistant Building Materials. Many customers equipped with LandGlass’ fire-rated glass tempering furnaces have passed fire test conducted by the above certification bodies and received the type-examination certificates. Products undergone tests include various types of special fire-rated glass such as regular high-strength fireproof glass and high borosilicate 4.0.  


The test report of the China National Center for Quality Supervision and Test of Fixed Fire-fighting Systems and Fire-resistant Building Components









The fire integrity test of fire-rated tempered glass produced by LandGlass Glass Tempering Furnace

Safety is the premise in the journey to pursue a better life. Safety establishes the foundation for family security. Safety warrants the normal operation of business and is the cornerstone of social stability and development. As the leader in the industry providing complete technology and equipment solutions for safety glass, LandGlass is collaborating with enterprises in the industrial chain on the basis of technical and quality-oriented innovation, working towards a goal to achieve a safer and better life!