LandGlass Attended 2016 Industrial Rally in Guizhou
29.12.2016 views:1185

On December 18, 2016, the third meeting of 2016 Industrial Rally organized by the Chamber of Commerce of Glass Industry in Guizhou was successfully held at Guizhou Huaxi Hotel. Several hundreds of entrepreneurs from glass industries in Guizhou, Yunnan, and Sichuan provinces attended the meeting. Sales Manager Liang of LandGlass’ vacuum insulated glass division was in presence on behalf of the Company.


Chaired by Lesheng He, the executive president of the chamber of commerce for glass industry in Guizhou, president Peihua Zhu delivered the annual report on the work of the office at the meeting. Supervising director Liangcai Liu and executive director Ronghui Li read out the opinion and decision of the Guizhou chamber of commerce for glass industry in regard to dividing the region into administrative subregions and assigning administrators. It was also discussed at the meeting that under the theme of the large-scale development strategy for the western region and the acceleration of urbanization, the construction market in Guizhou has entered into the phase of rapid expansion where the advanced glass tempering technologies and products of LandGlass can perfectly fulfill the demand of glass industry in Guizhou region for further development. In return, it has made LandGlass' JetConvection glass tempering furnace better recognized by the market.  

Moreover, as an honored guest of the meeting, Mr. Liang from LandGlass offered an in-depth analysis over the shortfall of traditional building materials in energy consumption and a detailed review on how LandVac, an energy saving star product integrated seven advantages, could provide effective relief. At the meeting, he also calculated the potential social benefits LandVac would bring and was well received with great enthusiasm among the participants.

Along with social progress and economic development, the newly developed fully tempered vacuum glass will inevitably gain a growing market share as a high-end product with safety and energy saving features. As one of the world leaders in tempered vacuum glass manufacturing industry, LandGlass will make every effort in support of cooperation and communication with industrial experts and is committed to making its contribution to the development of tempered vacuum and green energy worldwide, as well as promoting energy conservation and environmental protection in the industry!