A Visit to Warm the New Year’s Day
06.01.2014 views:1315

On the last day of 2013, the LandGlass Labor Union Chairman Wang and some employees from LandGlass visited Luoyang Social Welfare Institute. They donated the necessary things for life such as rice, flour, and edible oil on behalf of LandGlass to those people who live there, and wished them “Happy New Year”.


Under the guidance of staff of the social welfare institute, Chairman Wang and the LandGlass workforce representatives visited the people living there and watched the rehearsal of sign language dance Grateful Heart performed by them. It was very pleasing to see the excellent living facilities, professional nursing staff, and seniors with smiles on their faces.


LandGlass will continue to shoulder more social responsibilities, being worried for the social injustices and collaborating on as much as possible. And will spare no efforts in contributing to social and welfare services.