LandGlass Offers Financial Aid to Needy Students
31.08.2017 views:1299

Wisdom says that “Give a man a fish, and you feed him for a day; show him how to catch fish, and you feed him for a lifetime.”One of the most effective ways to lift people out of poverty is to help them get proper education. In order to fulfill its social responsibility in taking targeted measures to help people lift themselves out of poverty, for many years, LandGlass has always maintained the organic unification of its corporate responsibility and social responsibility through active participation in community activities, contributing positively in regard to fighting earthquake, providing disaster relief, and providing financial aid to needy students.

In mid-August, a team of representatives from LandGlass made a special trip to Shijing town in Xin’an County and brought 20 students registered at Si Po Shan village to downtown Luoyang to participate the 2017 Students Summer Camp for Enhancing the Skills of the Impoverished Population. During the day, the students visited the company’s scientific experiment base, the glass tempering furnace production line at Luolong Science Park, the vacuum glass production line at LandGlass’ Yibin science park, and the company’s headquarters.


The financial aid granting ceremony was held at the headquarters afterwards.  Chairman of the Board of Directors and General Manager of LandGlass, Zhao Yan, Executive Director Jiang Ligong, and Chairman of the Labor Union Wang Yingjie attended the ceremony.  Mr. Zhao awarded the financial aid and school supplies to the students, asked each student about their school lives, and expressed company’s support and care. Mr. Zhao hoped that through this field trip to LandGlass, the students would learn more about the industrial development in developed countries such as US, Germany, and Australia, understood the high demand for new- and high-tech talent nationwide in current domestic market environment.  He encouraged the students to expand their scientific and cultural knowledge to become a contributing member of the society.  With hearted smile on their face, a seed of goodwill has been planted in the heart of each grant recipient and starts to sprout.  Thanks to the selfless donations from LandGlass, students will be able to pursue their dreams free of financial burden of school tuitions, experiencing the warmth and caring from a society of love.


Over the years, people of LandGlass have always adhered to the principle of keeping corporate development in line with its social responsibility. We deeply understand that the true meaning of the policy of “taking targeted measures to help people lift themselves out of “poverty”! During the annual Students Summer Camp for Enhancing the Skills of the Impoverished People, in addition to providing financial aid, LandGlass is also committed to extend our spiritual support to every child in our program with family-like love, and offer helping hands on child development.