LandGlass at ZAK 2015
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India and China are both ancient civilizations with long history of rich and profound culture in the world. Also known as the “Nation of Peacock”, India is a South Asian country nourished by Mother Ganges for thousands of years. The gorgeous Taj Mahal has been long waiting for another leap of India. In the meantime, the surging waves in Yangtze and Yellow rivers, along with the world’s most magnificent Forbidden City are witnessing the descendants of the dragon to take off, surpassing its own glory.Today, India of a population of 1.3 billion and China of a population of 1.4 billion are transforming the disadvantages of large population into advantages.  While the focus of India on the development of electronic technologies and service industry has created a new environment in economy, China is advancing all-round development from manufacturing to emerging industries.  Both have made themselves part of BRIC.

Driven by the boom in real estate, automobile, and infrastructural development, the demand for glass in India steadily grows.  As the host country for one of the top three world glass expos – ChinaGlass, the comprehensive glass technologies it possesses attract hundreds of companies worldwide to participate, drawing thousands of professional visitors every year. Meanwhile, ZAK International Glass Expo of India has successfully held thirteen sessions since 2003, witnessing the development of Indian glass industry.


On December 10, 2015, the four-day ZAK 2015 lifted the curtain in Bombay, ushering in more than one hundred participating exhibitors around the world with half of its floor occupied by companies from China. Among them is LandGlass with its state-of-the-art technologies and full line of service solutions. For years, LandGlass has been deeply ploughing in South Asian market, offering innovative world leading glass processing solutions to its customers. Following years of continuing sales growth of LandGlass products in South Asia especially in India, the exhibit booth of the company was visited by many new and existing customers every day. The new jet convection glass tempering furnaces supported by local aftermarket service engineering team in India has drawn many attentions from glass processing companies in the area.  In an endeavor to achieve further development in glass deep processing industry, LandGlass is successfully duplicating in India its legend in China market.