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Chinese Year of Goat passed and the Year of Monkey has just arrived. On February 4, 2016, the day spring begins, gathered together the company’s leaders, staff, and representatives from many suppliers, LandGlass held the Kickoff Party for the New Year, looking into 2016 Excellence.


Beginning with a review of “Striding forward with Wisdom in 2015”, Mr. Yan Zhao, the Chairman and General Manager of LandGlass delivered a passionate New Year speech: Through the efforts of and supports from all the colleagues and suppliers, LandGlass not only successfully launched its all new, highly intelligent Cyclone series Jet Convection Glass Tempering Furnaces, by successfully passing the rigorous review process covering the entire process of R&D, manufacturing, debugging as well as the IP system, it was also awarded as the State Intellectual Property Advanced Enterprise of 2015 and became the only enterprise in the City of Luoyang to receive this honor in 2015, a key indicator for LandGlass being recognized now as a world-class manufacturer. In the new year, having in mind to reach its annual production goal, the Company will continue its lead in the glass tempering equipment manufacturing industry through promoting the self-driven innovative system for high-end glass tempering products! At the party, Mr. Zhao and other senior leaders of the Company awarded the individuals and teams who made significant contributions in the past year and called on all staff to learn from them.



After the presentation, the celebrating party started opening dance medley. The party was full of joy and laughter by watching crosstalk and comedy dramas along with other fabulous shows and concluded with the passionate chorus “Runs”.


It was also recognized that on this day of celebration, there were still twenty one LandGlass engineers working at various installation sites throughout the world. That was an evening of joy for all LandGlass staff! In the upcoming year of monkey, through the assiduous effort of every member at LandGlass for innovation, the Company is looking forward to a new leap.