Government Visited LandGlass for Research
07.04.2017 views:2485

In the morning of April 6, the member of the Standing Committee of Provincial Committee and Secretary of Municipal Committee, Li Ya, the Party committee sectary of the Municipal Pilot District of Urban-Rural Integration Program, Wang Lilin, the Director of the Management Committee, Shi Bingrui, the member of the Standing Committee of Municipal Committee and Secretary General, Yang Tingjun, Deputy Mayor, Hou Zhanguo, and other leaders visited LandGlass to conduct a field research. 

Secretary of the Municipal Committee Li Ya and his colleagues accompanied by the Chairman of the Board and General Manger of LandGlass, Zhao Yan toured LandGlass' vacuum insulated glass facilities in Yibin District. Mr. Zhao introduced in details the R&D history of LandVac and the global strategic layout of its patents. Currently, LandGlass’ fully tempered vacuum insulated glass production line has already started production trials for samples and small volume product orders from all over the world. In the future, Yibin base is going to be transformed into a center for integrated manufacturing of energy saving glass and tempering equipment.

Secretary Li Ya pointed out that the new generation energy efficient materials are the trends of the future development. He urged the enterprises to reinforce and expand the glass industry of our city by improving their technical aspects and standards of the products to meet world class as soon as possible, striving to build R&D centers with national standards, increasing market presence based on new technology and applications while expediting the commercialization process, and achieving stronger discourse right in the industry.

At the end of the visit, Secretary Li Ya stressed the importance of leading with innovative development concepts by all related departments under municipal administration, making more efforts to help high-tech enterprises in resolving difficulties and problems they may encounter during the development, planning with scientific rationale and consolidated resources to expedite the progress of industrial projects, product upgrading, and strategic transformation of glass industry. In order to achieve sustainable and healthy economic development in Yibin District, he also called for more emphasis of both upper and down streams expansion along the industrial chain, and ancillary supports from parallel industries to create a friendly environment for the development of high-tech enterprises through formation of industrial technology alliance and promotion of in-depth industry-city integration.