If LandVac had been used, would the self-service convenience store still has to be shut down?
18.07.2017 views:2607

In the middle of last month, Shanghai launched its first unstaffed convenience store. While the public opinion is still divided on the business model and many remain skeptical, it is reported recently by news media that the store has already been closed after less than a month of operation. The reason for the closing is beyond most people’s expectation: the store was defeated not by the quality of the shoppers but by the consistent high temperature climate! The convenience store is approximately 10 square meters in size with two walls made of transparent glass.  When the outdoor temperature is at 36-degree Celsius, the indoor temperature will reach 40-degree, 4 degrees higher than outside, even though the air conditioner is running at full capacity. Sugar frost and chocolate toppings of the donuts on the shelves start to melt under such temperature. 

LandGlass people who have been working at the R&D front-line of glass processing industry and are dedicated to improve the quality of life, feel really sorry to see such an ending for the application of an advanced unmanned intelligent technology. If the convenience store had used LandVac, it would not have confronted this problem. It is known that the store has two glass walls. The architectural material commonly used for glass houses is insulated glass with U-value 2.87 w/(m2.k). In comparison, LandVac enjoys an U-value of 0.48w/(m2.k). The thermal insulation effect of 8.3 mm thick LandVac is better than a 1.5m thick brick wall. Thanks to the high vacuum chamber, LandVac not only can prevent the outside heat from getting in, it will also ensure not to lose the valuable cooled indoor air.  Based on this calculation, provided that the outdoor temperature is at 36-degree and the air conditioner in full operation, it is possible to have the indoor temperature sustained at 24-26 degrees, a very comfortable temperature range. Under such condition, one doesn’t have to worry about the acceleration of food deterioration due to high temperature.

The self-service convenience store - Bingo Box, positions itself as the world’s very first 24-hour unstaffed convenience store that can be replicated in large scale, hoping to bring more convenient shopping experiences to consumers. By the same token, LandGlass is also committed to improve the safety and quality of lives by devoting itself to the continuous innovation of leading technology and development of new products. As we already know, it is one of the national strategies to realize the transformation from a manufacturing giant to a world manufacturing power through building green manufacturing system and plants, promoting clean manufacturing environment, recycling waste resource, and implementing low carbon energy. For this goal, LandGlass has made its own efforts: the successful development of LandGlass Intelligent Fully Tempered Vacuum insulated Glass production line has laid a solid foundation for the commercialization of our vacuum glass, making our landmark contributions to global environmental conservation!To achieve the common goal for an Intelligent Manufacturing 2025, LandGlass is willing to make its best endeavours and take firm steps toward the safety and better quality of living.